My trip to England Part 3 2017

After we came home from London, Mark had to go home unfortunately. He packed his car and had to drive for 2 hours. Graham and I could sit in the sofa editing our pictures. My feet where “killing” me and my back was glad to be released from my backpack and cams. It was a lovely day, but it was enough. About 10h I had a hard time to keep my eyes open so I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with Bentley the dog next to me. He’d keep me company during the night. Had a nice shower en went on editing. Graham and I planned a nice and easy day. After breakfast, we got in the car and drove to Epping using the M25, the highway around London.



We parked at Epping station and got on a historical bus. The green line, a double decker. It was a nice and bumpy ride over to North Weald where the preserved railway station was.

We wandered around and took some nice pics of the different trains and the railway station itself. They had diesel trains and steam trains, all in perfect conditions. There work a lot of volunteers to keep the railway at it’s best.



We got on the train to Ongar, I’d never heard of this place. It was a 15 minutes ride and the train didn’t go faster then 25 miles a hour. Graham told me it was a rule in England, just for the safety of the people who ride on these trains.

In Ongar we got in a shop and bought a little present for my beloved ones at home. (I hope they will like it!)
After the giftshop we got something to drink and Graham got a little cake also. (I can’t have them) In England, they make the tea very strong, not the way I like it. But Graham asked the guy to get the bag out, because I don’t like the black tea. Too late hihihihi. But it tasted fine for the moment.

We walked a little bit around the railway station to make so pictures and went back on the station. We walked towards the signal house. Graham has been a signal man for many years at the underground. We asked if we could come in the signal box to have a look. We were friendly invited by the man who was working there at that moment.



The men talked about the signal box and I made some pictures, always searching for a nice shot. But I listen meanwhile so I understood better what they do up there and what’s the purpose of it all. I never visited a signal box before, would have thought it was a small box that gives signals to trains, not man operated.

We got back in the train to North Weald, a diesel this time. I was invited in the front to make some pictures. And because we weren’t leaving yet, I got out the train again to make some pictures of it.



We made a bumpy but nice ride back. At the train station I got a sandwich with bacon because I only had breakfast. After that, me made some pics of the bus and Graham bought himself a puzzle.

A little bit scared, we went back to Epping with the bus. But that was mainly because I saw the driver and he had the same age as the bus did. He drove like a mad man with such a big bus. I was really glad when we entered the railway station of Epping.

Graham and I got back to Rayleigh and went to the supermarket. He needed some onions and mushrooms for his spaghetti. I search for some dessert and a bar of chocolate. Back home Graham made a nice spaghetti but that was because I cut the onions the Dutch way 😉 And a fish as dessert Graham???



We had a lovely night with his wife, talking and some editing!

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