My trip to England Part 4 (the last one) 2017

This morning I got up by 9am, about 3 hours later then the other days. I had a long editing night and put on Part 1 online. Bentley was also awake and we got outside. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining. Back home it was raining I read on the family app. Took a picture to show the whether and enjoyed the sun.

My new friend Bentley

I’m not that quick in the morning so we where ready to go at noon. Had some breakfast just before we took off to the motorshow. Graham and I had a nice ride in the car over there, what a lovely sunny day. Much better then it should be.

We wandered around at the motor show, took some shots of bikes and people.

Motor show

After a while, we had seen enough and went to a nice little restaurant, we find a place in the garden. I ordered a green tea. I start to learn it, because the English make a different tea then the Dutch do.

We went back to the home and I took some pics of the dogs. Edited them and looked around on Facebook and put the other part of my story online. We got in time to the airport of Southend, I didn’t want to arrive late and also because I’ve had been for 4,5 days with Graham and his lovely wife. I could guess they wanted to be toghter, no crazy Dutch running around in their home 😉

Bentley and Mia

And here I am now. Just typing the story and waiting for my plane to come and check in. I think a little half hour before we can check inn. I will finish this story when I’m safely at home.


And that’s where I am now. Back in the Netherlands.
We had a good and short flight. It took only 30 minutes to fly to Schiphol. The plane had a nice landing and it didn’t took long before we passed passport control. Saw my suitcase instantly (Pimp your suitcase and it isn’t hard to find anymore) I got out of the airport, but didn’t know where my husband would be. He followed the navigation, but ours is old, so he took a wrong turn. I asked someone who was working outside and he showed me where the car could stop. He even walked up there with me. What a nice man to show me the way. I wanted to send a app to the hubby, but a car stopped and asked: Do you need a lift? Jeuh, it was my husband. Perfect timing!

On out way home, I talked to him all the time in the car. Things I had seen and done in England. He is known with the fact I can talk a lot, but he don’t mind. We had a nice and smooth ride. Quiet on the road for Dutch  standards, no traffic jams.

At home, our little Queen almost cried. She reconized me, the eldest didn’t. She never understand it when I’m away for a few days. And the youngest was also happy to see me. Always nice to see your dogs again. We got ourselfs a nice drink, talked some more and watched some pictures.

Bedtime for me, next day I had to work and I always start early in the morning.

Thanks for everybody who made my few days in England great and onforgettable! Really enjoyed beeing there.
Hope to visite you again.

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