3rd European Jimmy’s Ride 2017

A whole year I waited till I could join the Jimmy’s Ride family again.
Saterday 24th of june 2017 was the day I would see the most of them again.

My alarm clock set at 7.15h and that always hurt a little when you had a nice evening the night before.
But no worries, just do my morning riddle and off I got.
I was in Dongen at 9.00h AM and we collected some stuff that had to come along. Roos and Amber hopped in the car and we drove to the Moer.


There started the fun, seeing everybody again, taking pictures and drink a cup of tea.
Little Tieme was there also with his dad, his bigger brother and his little sister. He looked well en healthy.
Around 12.00h we got the drive instruction, some information from the road captain and of course the blessings from Alice. She was joined by her son Wyatt and her nephew Myron this year.

This year I would drive along with my one car this year. The whether wasn’t that good and I thought it would be more fun for Roos and me if we could drive together. So we did.

We stopped at Fort Hiddinkhuizen for the terrific lunch. Different kind of nice toppings on the bread and of course a real Dutch Kroket! Always a good choice.

After the break we drove along in our great country and saw nice places. Ton and Ineke made again a nice route for us. We stopt in Dongen at the windmill to make the group picture. Beside the windmill was the Lidl, a well know supermarket in the Netherlands. We ladies became hungry and Ineke didn’t arrive at the windmill yet. Enough time for us to get us some chocolate (whoehoe!!!)


When we arrived at the Moer again, we had a nice drink and everything was set up for the auction and raffle. But the first important thing was the BBQ. We developed hunger! (Yes that’s possible after chocolate!)

It was just a great day, the auction and raffle went very well and is always fun to look at. I can talk a lot more here, but it think it’s time for you to go and look what a great day we all had!

Ton & Ineke bedankt voor de goede zorgen!
Ton & Ineke Thank you very much for the great day!

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