My trip to England (London) Part 2 2017

After a not so good night, I got up and got dressed after a nice warm shower. I was sitting in the living room with Graham and his wife when Mark walked in. He slept in the shed. He looked even worse in the morning then I did (hihihihi)

We took a breakfast and went to the railways station with the car. Bought a ticket for the whole day and off we go to London. I had never been in London so everything was new. We stopped at Liverpool Station and took a quick breath outside. There where people close by talking and I looked at them and talked back to say hello, In Dutch! Always nice to hear your own language.

Liverpool station

We got in the underground, skipped a few stops and got out near the Theems. We met David, Yazz and Neil outside. Gramps and I went off to find a bathroom. After that we meet up again and our journey started.

What a nice group we had and it didn’t take long before when had a lot of fun. Walking, togging and get to know each other a bit. Some people spit they nuts out on you, other stay back and we had to wait, some others almost trip over a curve. Yep it was fun.



We went on walking up to building know as “the Walkie Talkie” or for the not London people: Sky Garden.
Mark and David booked a ticket for us and just before we got up, Dave joined us.

Graham is afraid of heights but I didn’t notice anything about him. It’s just 35 stories up. We had to put our stuff in the scan like you have to at the airport. A good security! It was a great view we got up in Sky Garden. You can look very far away, we were lucky, had a clear and sunny day.

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After having a drink and wander around, we went done again. We all were hungry so we search for a pub and have a good meel. It was dinner time! Had a little walk back to Sky Garden with Yazz and we had a nice conversation.

Some off the group stayed at the pub, the rest of us went on to the Tower Brigde and had the opportunity to make some great pictures and have a ice cream.

If you want to see al the pictures of this wonderful day, click the different links below.

People @ London
Togs @ London

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